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Presentations annual conference 2018

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Mainstreaming RRI in Policy Making Giulia Bubbolini Download
Art Thinking as a Tool for Institutional Science Culture Change María Acaso Download
Public Engagement and Culture Change Paul Manners Download
Implementation and Evaluation + Embedded Nucleus Case Studies Caitriona Mordan, Menealos Sotiriou and Embedded Nucleus partners Download
EnRRICH – Embedding RRI in Curricula Catherine Bates Download
InSPIRES – From evidence to impact Balázs Bálint Download
Communication is a two-way street, drive effectively Claire O’Connell Download

Presentations Annual Conference 2017

Introduction to the Annual Conference Hannover 2017 Alexander Gerber Download
RRI – Old wine in new bottles? Jaqueline Broerse Download
Die Wilde Skapies van die Groot Karoo Michael Gastrow Download
Judging RRI Martin Carrier Download
Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the NUCLEUS Study Anne Dijktstra Download
Insights from the 10 Embedded Nuclei Caitriona Mordan/Consortium Members Download
The 20 Mobile Nuclei Andrea Troncoso Download
The NUCLEUS Implementation Roadmap Caitriona Mordan, Ken Skeldon, Anne Dijkstra Download
FIT 4 RRI Andrea Riccio Download
ORION Martin Bergmann Download
RRI-Practice Clare Shelley-Egan Download

Field Trips and Working GroupS Reports

Field Trip Report Edinburgh Download D4.2
Field Trip Report Beijing Download D4.3
Field Trip Report Pretoria Download D4.4
Field Trip Report Nottingham Download D4.6
Field Trip Report Dublin Download D4.7
Working Groups Report 1 Read online Download D4.8
Cultural Adaptation Report Download D3.3


Survey Conduct Report 2017 Download D3.2
Survey Result Report Download D3.5
Nucleus Implementation Roadmap Download D3.6


Final Brochure Download
Organisational Manual – Embedded NUCLEI Download D5.1
Organisation Manual for Mobile NUCLEI Download D5.6

External Communication and Dissemination

“Lessons from the Implementation of RRI in Universities and Scientific Institutions” Brochure Read online Download
“Bringing RRI to life in Universities and Scientific Institutions” Brochure Read online Download
NUCLEUS Website and Social Media Read online Download D2.2
Corporate Design Manual Download D2.1
Communication + Dissemination Report 2016 Download D2.3
Science Journalist Network Report Download D2.8
Policy Brief No. 1 Download D2.11
Policy Brief No. 2 Download D2.12
Consolidated Operational Recommendations and Guidelines for Implementation Download


NUCLEUS Conferences 2015-2019

Conference Report: 2015 Theme: Facing the Challenge, Setting the Scene
Location: Kleve, Germany
Read online Download D6.1
Conference Report: 2016 Theme: Universities as “Learning Systems”
Location: Lyon, France
Read online Download D6.2