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Science View is a Non for profit, private, Organisation. Founded in 2008, Science View is an organization that promotes science communication and engagment activities to help bridge the gap between the scientific community and the wider public in Greece as well as in Europe.

The staff, members and cooperators (science communicators and science journalists) of Science View, is constantly working on making scientific knowledge useful and clearly understood by the general public. In doing so, it focuses on the following activities:

  • the organization of events for the distribution and communication of science in public (such as conferences, info days, science cafes, scientific workshops) and their video coverage released on media or uploaded on websites
  • the production of videos and documentaries (including interactive documentaries) of research and scientific projects for dissemination and awareness purposes
  • the offer of training courses about new techniques on science communication;
  • the team specializes on designing and developing e-learning courses for organizations, companies, universities, schools and public and private bodies; it further designs and conducts online seminars, synchronous or asynchronous, via the training web platform of Science View
  • printed and electronic publications, e.g. books concerning science popularization, newsletters, online magazines, websites, information portals and brochures.

Science View is further involved in the organization of science festivals, world conferences and science debates. Being a member of the European Union of Science Journalists’ Association (EUSJA) and the European Science Events Association (EUSEA), Science View partners with large EU projects and aims at expanding events and activities organized in Greece to the whole of Europe. Moreover, it aims at connecting science journalists and science communicators all over Europe with each other to foster pan-European dialogue and the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Additionally, Science View maintains excellent contact with all the research institutions in Greece (universities and research centres), since it functions as a provider of the Official Research and Technology e-magazine of the General Secretariat of Research and Technology of the Greek Ministry of Education.

The activities Science View is mainly responsible of and is as a partner involved in are mostly in line with all aspects of Responsible Research and Innovation, since science education, public engagement, open access to scientific information, gender equality and ethical issues represent the main pillars and guiding principles of the organization. Still, in the upcoming five years Science View aims at enlarging its involvement in RRI, hoping to increase the integration of society and its citizens into research processes from the very first steps on. Especially its strong devotion to RRI principles and its longstanding experience in promoting RRI among researchers, policy makers, partners from industry and economy as well as lay people makes Science View a valuable and skilled partner. Its proficiency stems from the organization and conduct of various EU-funded projects (see list below), having borne responsibility as a work package leader, task leader or national organizer. Science View is funding its activities through its participation in European Funded Projects as well as accepting donors from Foundations in Greece and Europe. Science View is managed by a Board of Directors and includes and folowing main departments:


  1. Innovation and Creative Ideas Development
  2. Projects’ Implementation and Monitoring
  3. Financial
  4. Communication Strategies


The Science View NUCLEUS Team

Menelaos SotiriouMr. Menelaos Sotiriou: He is a science writer and communicator and he was the editor of the official Research and Technology online magazine in Greece, E&T (www.et-online.gr) that was published from the General Secretariat of Research and Technology until 2015. For more than 5 years he is involved in the production of videos in many scientific fields (health, science educations, environment, engineering). He started his professional career by developing various Management Systems, mostly in the field of Education as well as Health Care and Telecommunications, in over 40 public and private Organisations. He is a certified auditor and has realised over 50 audits, mostly in the field of Quality Management Systems and Assurance. The last twelve (12) years he is running (project management) and organising European and national projects for several institutions (including research institutions) mainly in the areas of new and innovative technologies (ICT). He has been involved in more than 35 EU projects in the areas of ERASMUS+, SwafS, SiS, SSH, ICT, Research for the Benefit of SMEs. He is holding the place of the President of Science View (www.scienceview.gr) a nonprofit, non governmental organization that has expertise in Science Communication and Science Journalism and he was for 3 years a Coopted Board Member of European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations (EUSJA – www.eusja.org). Finally, he is included in the Evaluators’ Data Base of the European Commission for the HORIZON2020 and of the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and also he had participated in several EC meetings as an expert in Science Communication and Journalism issues.
Interests and expertise:


  1. Science Communication,
  2. Organisation of events (science cafes, conferences, science festivals, exhibitions, science weeks)
  3. Science writing (scripts, story telling)
  4. Outreach activities for young students (mainly in the fields of mathematics, physics, astronomy and health)
  5. Creativity in Science Education (Introduction of creative ways to provide science education like science theater, music and science)


Theoni Charalabidou Miss Theoni Charalabidou graduated in 2004 from the University of Ioannina, School of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Education and Psychology. She has worked as an administrative assistant in various Greek and multinational companies as well as public institutions. In particular she worked at Greek National Tourism Organisation (G.N.T.O) where she was actively involved in the communication and dissemination of the tourist product of the country, under the supervision of the President and Secretary General of the Organisation, and at the Organisation for Vocational Education & Training, Ministry of Education. Over the last 6 years she is included in the staff of Science View, initially as an administrative and financial officer and since 2 years as the Senior Project Officer responsible for the Organisation and Development of several projects and initiatives of Science View. She is involved in the organisation of the Learning Science Through Theatre Initiative. Also she is the project manager of EU Projects like CREAT-IT, Play4Guidance, NUCLEUS, STEAM, DESCI. She was also responsible for the administrative management of the “E&T” online magazine for Research and Technology, issued by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology.


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