Location Hannover, Germany
URL wissen.hannover.de
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The Initiative Science City Hannover offers a longstanding experience in the entwining of government and policy structures with science and research.

The network consists of all eight universities in Hannover, several research institutes, counselling centres, foundations, and municipalities. it works with questions of siting, mutual benefit and cross-fertilisation of ideas, with multi-level cooperation and expertise in the collaboration of science and policymaking. Its objectives are to boost Hannover’s attractiveness as a centre of scientific excellence, enhance the general conditions for students, advance internationalisation, open up institutes of higher education and science to and in the city, and to foster cooperation between science and industry. The long-term aims of the Initiative Science City Hannover are a continuous linkage between science and city structures and the strategic entrenchment of Hannover’s academic landscape into the city’s policy.

– Lighthouse project: The multi-media portal www.wissen.hannover.de is aimed at young adults in Germany for whom the Internet and education are key elements of daily life, with the goal of raising their interest in Hannover as a center of academic and scientific activity. In 2016, more than 500 videos will provide content for guidance in education, science communication, and controversial issues in science and society.  The portal is unique in Germany, bringing together all 14 key partners in Hannover’s fields of higher education, research and City administration. The eye-catching design has led to high figures in reach and duration on the platform.

– “November der Wissenschaft”: Every two years, for three weeks in November, Hannover becomes a showcase for some 70 entities from universities, scientific, educational and cultural institutions. Around 150 events attract 45,000 visitors. Scientific, educational and cultural institutions invite science fans big and small to a multifaceted program of talks, workshops, tours, and exhibitions. The next November of Science will take place 3-24 November, 2016.www.november-der-wissenschaft.de

– Philosophie is part of the science-community in Hannover, since Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz spent 40 years of his life in Hannover. Now in 2016, the City commemorates his death 300 years ago and recalls his tremendous achievements in maths, philosophy, engineering, theology and politics within 100 events. The “Festival der Philosophie” was organized four times as the largest philosophical festival in Germany dealing with controversial and popular topics and challenges with 100 speakers and artists.

– “Wissenschaftliche Sozietät zu Hannover” was founded in 2014, and is an association of academics in different disciplines. In cooperation with the City, the association fosters discussions on controversial research topics to increase the reflection on the responsibility of scientists in the tradition of Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz.

Members of Initiative Science City Hannover: Leibniz University Hannover, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover Medical School, Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, FHDW Hannover, Leibniz School of Business, GISMA Business School, Geo Center Hannover, the Fraunhofer Institute of Toxicology und Experimental Medicine, the VolkswagenStiftung, the Student Services Organization Hannover,  the Business Promotion Service of the state capital Hannover and the Hannover Region and the state capital Hannover (coordinator of the Initiative).

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