Executive Board and Advisory Committee

Consortium leaders and inspiring advisors guide the project’s progress.

NUCLEUS Executive Board

The Executive Board makes strategic decisions regarding the project and facilitates integration amongst the individual work packages.

Executive Board members

Martin Carrier, Bielefeld University
Work Package 3: Interdisciplinary Study on RRI Barriers

Alexander Gerber, Rhine-Waal University
Project Lead

Annette Klinkert, Rhine-Waal University
Work Package 1: Project Management
Work Package 6: NUCLEUS Conferences 2015-2019

Padraig Murphy, Dublin City University
Work Package 5: Nuclei Implementation 2017-2019

Jenifer Scott, University of Aberdeen
Work Package 4: Capacity Building and RRI Action Plans

Menelaos Sotiriou, Science View
Work Package 7: Monitoring

Daniela Martin & Leane Regan, Rhine-Waal University
Work Package 2: External Communication and Dissemination

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee supports the project with advice regarding project strategy and implementation. Its first meeting was held 31 January, 2017.

Advisory Committee MEMBERS

Aleksandra Drecun, President, Intersection

Maya Halevy, Director, Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem

Paul Manners, Director, National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement

Daan Schuurbiers, Founding Director, De Proeffabriek

Jack Stilgoe, Lecturer in Social Studies of Science, University College London

René von Schomberg, Science Policy Team Leader, European Commission

Gal Weiss, EU Programs and Contracts Manager, IBM Research Ireland

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