If a university was a living cell...

How would it interact with the other cells around it?Read more
The Rhone and Saone rivers converge in Lyon, France. Image credit: Ludovic R. (Creative Commons license)

Where Two Rivers Converge

The 2016 NUCLEUS ConferenceRead more

The 2016 Conference Online:

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NUCLEUS is a four-year, Horizon 2020 project investigating how to make Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) a reality in universities and research institutions. What institutional barriers prevent these organisations from engaging with their stakeholders to align research with society’s needs? How can these obstacles be overcome? NUCLEUS will implement new policies and programming in 30 international test sites to understand the DNA of RRI.


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If a university was a living cell…

…how would it interact with the other cells around it? NUCLEUS hit the road in November, learning and networking at … Read more

The 2016 conference online: #nucleus16

The NUCLEUS 2016 Conference was hosted in Lyon, France, but it also had an online home at #nucleus16. Follow the … Read more

Where two rivers converge: the 2016 NUCLEUS Conference

NUCLEUS had its annual project conference in October, bringing together over 40 participants from 14 countries to reflect on what … Read more


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The NUCLEUS project brochure is now available online!


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