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NUCLEUS is a four-year, Horizon 2020 project investigating how to make Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) a reality in universities and research institutions. What institutional barriers prevent these organisations from engaging with their stakeholders to align research with society’s needs? How can these obstacles be overcome? NUCLEUS will implement new policies and programming in 30 international test sites to understand the DNA of RRI.


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The University of Aberdeen on a capacity-building mission

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RRI in China and South Africa: theme and variations

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is a European name, but the concept is international. This is a key consideration for … Read more

Mentorship and Mutual Learning with the Embedded Nuclei

Mismatched time scales, career incentives, and resources of time and funding: through stakeholder-focused field trips and interviews with university leadership, … Read more


Latest activities

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Upcoming events
  1. Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI): Coming to Grips with a Contentious Concept

    March 30 - April 1
  2. Yalta International Economic Forum

    April 20 - April 22
  3. Working Group Meeting (Mobile Nuclei)

    May 28
  4. Eusea Conference 2017

    May 29 - May 30
  5. Working Group Meeting (Embedded Nuclei)

    June 22 - June 23