NUCLEUS Conference 2016

The 2016 NUCLEUS project took place 12-14 October in Lyon, France. Discover or re-live the conference here through presentations, blog and media!


Keynote talks, project updates and workshops

Philippe Galiay,
European Commission
Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI): European challenges and ambitions
Jack Stilgoe,
University College London
Rethinking ‘Excellence’ for Responsible Research and Innovation
Annette Klinkert,
Rhine-Waal University
The NUCLEUS Project: Crossing borders, transcending boundaries
Field Trip Presentations Coming soon
Ellen Böger,
Bielefeld University
Responsible Research and Innovation: The empirical study
Anne Dijkstra,
University of Twente
Updates on the Cultural Adaptation Study: Two case studies
Maarten van der Sanden & Steven Flipse,
Delft University of Technology
Interaction Design for RRI
Daniel Garcia Jiminez,
RRI Tools/La Caixa Foundation
RRI Tools: Fostering Responsible Research and Innovation
Daan Schuurbiers,
NanoDiode/De Proeffabriek
‘Implementing RRI’ in NUCLEUS – some considerations based on the NanoDiode experience
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The 2016 Conference Schedule

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Where Two Rivers Converge

The Rhone and Saone rivers converge in Lyon, France. Image credit: Ludovic R. (Creative Commons license)NUCLEUS had its annual project conference in October, bringing together over 40 participants from 14 countries to reflect on what we’ve learned in the first year, and what path we will follow in the second. The meeting was coordinated by project partner Université de Lyon, in the beautiful city of Lyon, France, where the Rhone and Saone rivers converge – a fitting location for a project focused on bringing research and society closer together. Read more…

Social Media

The 2016 Conference Online: #nucleus16


The conference didn’t only take place in Lyon. Participants had plenty to share online, too! Read more…