Meet the Ruhr-University Bochum, one of our Embedded Nucleus partners

The Ruhr-University Bochum was founded in 1962. Their Corporate Communications Department is in charge of running the Blue Square, a building in the city center, where researchers present their findings in a way that is easily understood by people from all walks of life. Audiences are given the opportunity to talk to the researchers and to ask questions. Experts thus share their views on current social issues with the visitors. For the NUCLEUS project, the Corporate Communications Department and the RUB Research School collaborate in order to introduce the concept of RRI, especially to doctoral researchers.


RUB Campus


In order to engage thought leadership and institutionalized capacity building, RUB is preparing an RRI policy to align the current university strategy when possible. Also, there has been an open discussion forum on RRI with Mentors, the Research School, the Department of Science Communication and Dr. Annette Klinkert to discuss and find ways to include the RRI principles to the institution practices. Finally, they are identifying already existing examples of RRI to create a database of good practices in order to publish articles in the SciComm Department’s media.

To build institutional bridges between the research community, they discussed with doctoral students to identify potential stakeholders. They also attended one-to-one meetings with representatives of different cells to discuss RRI and pinpoint common goals and potential projects. As for now, they are planning an event at the Research School to highlight the benefits of RRI, as well as a training session for doctoral students in November 2018. Early this year, the Blue Square hosted a panel discussion on the importance of communication between academia and society. Also, RUB is planning a training as part of the Research School curriculum where they will organize a series of lectures on inventions that changed everyday life.


Blue Square at night ©RUB, Foto: Schirdewahn zu nennen


Regarding the stimulation of co-responsibility, RUB held a meeting with UniverCity network to discuss opportunities for collaboration and to establish their expectations, attitudes and willingness to contribute to RRI. They are also preparing the Research School for consulting doctoral students in RRI-relevant aspects. Finally, they will include comprehensive information on RRI and NUCLEUS on their webpage.

If you want to know more about the Embedded Nucleus at RUB, write to Marco Rustemeyer.

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