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The NUCLEUS project has a four-year timeline that covers two stages: the development of an Implementation Roadmap for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), and an evaluation of the Roadmap’s performance in practice.

Developing the Roadmap

From 2016-2017, the NUCLEUS project will focus on understanding RRI in universities and research institutions: its barriers, good practices, and how it can be brought to life in academic culture and policies.

Through interviews with leading researchers and administrators, and studies of funding policies, the project will identify specific barriers to RRI in academic environments. At the same time, NUCLEUS will also conduct field trips to learn how stakeholder groups such as journalists or policymakers work with research institutions. What are the challenges in these relationships? What are examples of good practice?

Reflecting on the findings, the project will develop a series of action plans to implement for testing: an RRI Roadmap.


Implementing the Roadmap

In November 2017, NUCLEUS will begin the exciting experiment of implementing its action plans in two categories of testing sites, called Nuclei.

Embedded Nuclei will facilitate RRI practices in ten research institutions, with policies and culture change led by dedicated units. In parallel, twenty mobile Nuclei will test more modular approaches, such as workshops, exhibitions or science cafes.

From 2017-2019, these international sites will evaluate the performance of the action plans in real organisations, refining the Roadmap and uncovering the DNA of RRI.


A NUCLEUS “Living Network”

Throughout the timeline of the project, NUCLEUS will invite discussion and reflection at annual conferences. Building a network of allied RRI stakeholders, NUCLEUS will foster a deeper understanding of the practical implementation of RRI, throughout and beyond the project’s timeline.


The Project Timeline

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Project timeline overview




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